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Become Rich And Free By Opening A Small Business

Welcome to, a coaching site about small business ideas.

If you are opening a small business or just brainstorming about what will be the right opportunity for you, it is easy to get lost in the woods of finding the right idea, staying on track, financing, government, websites, business plans etc.

On this site you will:


your perfect small business ideas. Only real and hype free opportunities are listed on this site.


your efforts and stay on track. You'll find valuable coaching techniques to help motivate you and awaken your passion.


your small business. Having a small business doesn't mean you have to spend your days away from your loved ones... Incorporate my techniques and liberate yourself from the rat race.

On this site you'll find all the information to build a solid long lasting income . It is presented in easy to digest articles and hopefully a fun read.

I want you to know about the new rules of an ever changing game: small business economics. And the new rules are that you can start a new business with a huge income potential without the headache.

My name is Onno van den Bovenkamp , and I am a Career- and Small business Coach. I've created this site not only to provide you with a wealth of information, but to also teach you on how these small business ideas can set you free!

On this site an extended section is devoted to finding the right small business ideas, time management and outsourcing for small businesses.

Follow my easy (on site) step-by-step plan to get from where you are now, to where you want to be: A small business owner with a flourishing income, and time to spend with your loved ones.

Simply start with:

step 1: Passion Here you'll find your drive.


step 2: Set your goals

And continue with:

step 3: Stay motivated

I also added suggestions on where to actually get started and get insiders know-how to succeed and help you create the lifestyle you want, something that sets this site apart from many of the others!


Why Opening a small business

before we hit the iceberg could be the smartest thing you'll ever do.

So I hereby invite you to explore this site and learn everything about what it takes to be successful by your definition. And before you know it, you WILL be making an income through your small business.

Table of Contents

Small business ideas Blog
The small business ideas Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the Web site. Subscribe here.
Step 1: Small business ideas, find your passion first! Career change training
Small business ideas, find your passion and profit from what you love...
Step 2: Goal setting worksheet, smart goals, example of goal setting form
What my goal setting worksheet and living like a Masai Warrior have in common.
Step 3: goal setting forms and motivation through goal setting
Find your goal setting forms here for the best possible chance of success. All based on scientific data...
list of small business ideas and 101 small business opportunity for 2015
extended list of small business ideas for 2015. I did the research, dived into the data and used my expertise to find the most profitable ideas that put money in your pocket.
Green Business Opportunities
Now is the time to look into green business opportunities, find out why and how to go about
Opening a small business before the economy hits an iceberg
Why opening a small business could be the smartest thing you do in times of change.
Sample Small Business Plan to write the best small business plan ever
Sample small business plan; Do you want to take the risk of not writing one?
Money For Starting a Business and small business banking. What you need to know.
money for starting a business: How to Open a Business Bank Account
steps to start a business and the business start up checklist made easy...
5 easy steps to start a business, overview on what action to take. Do it right from the beginning.
Small Business Marketing Ideas and small business email marketing
The best and most cost effective small business marketing ideas, to attract 1000s of customers...
hire virtual assistant, at home virtual assistant and virtual assistant jobs
Outsource your life: hire virtual assistant. Why should fortune 500 firms have all the fun?
Time Management Principals
Time Management Principals, achieving more with less. You dont need 8 hours a day to become a millionaire, let alone to have the means to live like one
learning time management skills for small business
Learning time management skills for small business: Automation for liberation.
101 small business opportunity for home internet businesses
101 small business opportunity for home internet businesses. Free ideas, unlimited potential.
50 career change, career change after 50 and career change education
How a 50 career change can be the best thing that ever happened to you. Get some <u>free</u> career change education here...
iphone apps and app development for iphone
Learn how everyone can create iphone apps with
why is customer service important? How would you define customer service?
Why is customer service important? Native Americans already knew the answer to this...
good quotes, encouragement quotes and leadership quotes
Good quotes, encouragement quotes and wise quotes to inspire your day
Money making ideas and easy ways to make money
Money making ideas and easy ideas for making money... It can be done
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